Travel Data Gateway

Instantly Validate All Booked Travel Data From Any Source

Travel Data Gateway (TDG)

TDG is a sophisticated software solution created to help agencies validate international, multi-agency booking data as it enters their accounting processes.  TDG captures all of an agency’s GDS PNR records, as they are confirmed, and converts them directly into a universal XML format. The data is then validated via a series of reconciliation rules and stored in a universal database (SQL).

TDG also processes and validates non-GDS travel reservation flat files through its unique generic import mapping module.  The resulting “clean” data is automatically exported to an existing mid or back office system – or a 3rd party reporting tool.

TDG is a unique and versatile solution meant to accelerate process, expedite results, and deliver precise data quality. Having valid data the very moment the data enters the data processing stream will save valuable time and money.  No more manual intervention to check and clean data.  You will get the critical information needed instantly, not 30 to 60 days, as is normally the case.

Important management decisions can be implemented immediately, as the data arrives.

Any and All GDS Files

TRX – iBank – Passport – Insurance – Hotel Switch Data – Out-of-Country Transactions.  The complete, comprehensive generic import and export data validation vehicle.

Reconcile & Validate

Reconcile all sources of data, validate the data – push back the dirty data to source for correction

Real-time Reporting

Real-time, dynamic reporting tool, provides up-to-the-minute status on data, which can be customized to your key areas of concern.

Administrative Control

Application Administration
Agency Administration
Client Administration
Interface Administration
User Security Structure for Roles and Groups

Integration with In-House Systems

Our software was designed to be integrated with other systems.  This application will seamlessly interface with any mid or back office system.